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  • Workshop 31 - Agile and Scrum (In-Person Workshop)
    Workshop 31 - Agile and Scrum (In-Person Workshop)
    24 May 2024, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm AEST
    Melbourne, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    24 May 2024, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm AEST
    Melbourne, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    This highly engaging 2-hour in-person ‘Agile and Scrum’ workshop has been designed to provide both newcomers and those well versed in Scrum with a comprehensive understanding of Agile and Scrum methodologies.


Welcome to the PMI Agile Special Interest Group for Asia Pacific (Agile SIG). We are a group of committed professionals seeking to advance Agile and Lean competencies amongst project managers in our rapidly evolving world.


Initially established in July 2021 as the "Disciplined Agile Special Interest Group for Australasia", our group quickly expanded its reach, effectively engaging over 1,200 individuals in our unique workshops and seminars within just two years. As we continue to grow, we are eager to expand our influence and drive even more meaningful change in the project management field.


Our success is deeply rooted in collaboration and innovation, fostered by an inspiring community of passionate individuals and supportive organisations such as our Authorised Training Partners and PMI Chapters.


We are a volunteer-led community, and our greatest strength lies in the dedication and abilities of these individuals. We invite you to join us in our endeavour to create a thriving community that promotes personal growth, shared learning, and expansive networking opportunities. Your contribution is invaluable in our collective journey towards agility and excellence.


Our mission is "to help project managers succeed and thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing complex world." Join us in shaping the future of Agile project management - a future that demands flexibility, open-mindedness, and a growth mindset.

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What other Project Managers say...

Angela Haddow

PMI Melbourne

“My main goal of attending the sessions has been to maintain my knowledge of agile when I currently work in the built environment.  The sessions, including the practical components, have been really helpful in refreshing my knowledge.”

Mel Strachan

PMI Tasmania

“Even after 30 years in Project/Program Management, I still love to learn.  Lately, I've been attending the regular DA SIG workshops which cover a variety of topics related to Agile Project Management. They offer a good mixture of theory and practical exercises which make the workshops fun and enjoyable.”

Andres Montes

PMI Melbourne

“I attended the PMI Melbourne discipline Agile project management workshops, and I was very impressed by the quality and relevance of the content. The workshops were well-organized, engaging, interactive and practical. I learned a lot of useful skills and techniques that I can apply to my work. I highly recommend these workshops to anyone who wants to improve their project or portfolio management skills and knowledge.”



What our Partners say...

"As an Authorised Training Partner of PMI, I am always very pleased to host Agile and Scrum workshops for the PMI Agile SIG. The PMI member attendees were very engaged and feedback indicated they really enjoyed the interactive breakout activities. The SIG workshops are offered as free classes but they are very high quality and great indicators to what you can expect from PMCOE's Agile certification classes. "

"I am honored to host and facilitate several workshops (including Introduction to Lean and Kanban, Lean Practices in DA, Introduction to DA, etc) for the PMI Agile SIG. As a training facilitator, I have had the privilege of engaging with the attendees, and I am proud to say that the sessions I have conducted have been met with positive feedback and successful outcomes.

 It is immensely rewarding to witness the progress and success of individuals and organisations as a result of the workshops."

"It has been a great pleasure to host several workshops such as Disciplined Agile In Action , Kanban In Action, Introduction to Disciplined Agile Toolkit, and Scaled Agile ( SAFe) In Action for the PMI Agile SIG. Every workshop was well attended with lot of interesting, interactive discussions and group activities. I and Agility Academy experts would be happy to participate as a facilitator at future workshops and help project managers gain practical knowledge of Agile principles and techniques."

Faiz Rasool.jpg

"PM Training School is a premier partner with PMI and as its representative it was my pleasure to host a series of workshops including 'PMI DA And SAFe Agile planning and estimation' for the PMI Agile SIG. The PMI member attendees were highly engaged with the interactive activities and provided excellent feedback along with participation. I am looking forward to future participation as a facilitator and helping project managers increase their knowledge of Agile in the workplace."

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